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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Friday, August 6, 2010

Out of the blocks fast at the Pennsylvania Classic!

Finishing one stroke behind Eaton-Jackson at 5-under-par (67) is Perry Swenson Livonius of Charlotte, N.C. Like Eaton-Jackson, Swenson Livonius came into the Harrisburg tournament with a new approach. However, hers was lack of sleep. Following last week's tournament in Syracuse, N.Y., Swenson Livonius flew out-of-state for a pro-am, which featured the rock band KISS, before flying into to Harrisburg for a pro-am on Thursday.

"I'm totally exhausted having been up for two days, but it was pretty sweet," admitted Swenson Livonius, who finished second individually at the 2004 and 2005 Big 12 Championships while at the University of Texas-Austin. "I think I took a lot of pressure off myself because I haven't had to grind it out the last few days like everyone else."

Swenson Livonius carded three birdies and one three-putt bogey on the front nine, which she followed with four birdies and one "frustrating" bogey on the back. It was after that bogey that Swenson Livonius noticed a leaderboard on the course that had her at 5-under instead of 4-under, which gave her motivation for a birdie on 18. She hit her shot to about 35 feet, straight downhill.

"After 17, I was having some negative thoughts," said Swenson Livonius. "Then I saw the leaderboard and I told my caddie, 'Let's make this putt so they don't have to change it'. And it went in."

Today was he first round here in Harrisburg at the Pennsylvannia Classic! Since I just got back from my trip to Portland, I am very lacking on some sleep! However, for some reason everything just seemed so easy today! I'm hoping that it continues onto tomorrow!

The funny thing is- I passed a leaderboard on 15 tee that had me at the top as LIVONIUS! Then when I got to the 18th hole, the leaderboard had me as SWENSON! Haha! Its like I'm playing as two different people! Maybe I can somehow finagle a First and Second place finish and play as both!!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tommy Thayer's Legends Golf Classic- Portland!

Just wanted to share a quick photo I got today from Portland! It was such an incredible week and made so many new friends! My pro-am group was the greatest! I haven't had that much fun on the golf course in a really long time...and I played AWESOME! Maybe I found something new!!!!

I'll post the rest of the pictures as soon as I get them! Trust me, there are some funny ones for sure!

Monday, August 2, 2010

One big hop across the country....PORTLAND, OR!

Its already been a very long day! After finishing up my final round at the Alliance Championship in Syracuse, NY... I headed straight to the airport for Portland, Oregon! I am so excited to play in Tommy Thayer's Legends Golf Classic! Its almost 5am in the morning east coast time and I have to wake up in only a few short hours to play golf, therefore, I'll explain later!

I love KISS and was met by Tommy Thayer at the front desk of the hotel! They had just finished a charity concert and silent auction out at the golf course! I was pretty hungry after 8 hours of flying, so I was pretty excited to find so many awesome goodies waiting for me in my room! I polished off a bag of beef jerky and a chocolate bar! I am super excited about my new FLIP High Def video camera though!!!! I've been wanting one forever! Now, time for bed!

Better not get used to this VIP treatment, bc its back to the real world on Tuesday! Etched wine glasses, bottle of wine, FLIP HD video camera, Oakleys, Nike Gear, and lots of snacks!!!!!

Another week on the road.....Syracuse!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

On the road again!!!

Our week in Concord, NH ended and now we are on the road headed to our next stop....Syracuse! I rode in the car with my good friend, Ashley Prange! We drove through some of the cutest little towns and couldn't help but make a few stops on the the way! We stopped for lunch at a cute restaurant just off the side of the road that operated out of an old, historic bed and breakfast. A little later, of course, we saw a huge sign that said "Fresh Home Baked Pies!" We couldn't resist!

Here is Ashley with Root Beer (no worries) outside the Big Moose!

I rode the rest of the way with the Blackberry Apple Pie in my lap- just to make sure nothing happened to it!

Monday, July 26, 2010

OMG!!!! My Sister is soooo Awesome!!!!

So, my sister created her own children's clothing line one year ago and it has taken off like crazy! I am so proud of her! She was just featured in Desert Magazine out in Palm Springs! Check it out and visit her blog (which is 100x better than mine) at www.lilblueboo.com!

Lil Blue Boo was featured in the Desert Magazine today! That's Boo and I on the cover!

So strange reading about myself....especially quotes! I cringed a little! The photography is amazing though....you have to check out Taili's work:

About a month ago photographer Taili came and took photos for the spread. My friend Lisa (Ellebows) came and took behind the scenes shots!

Boo getting her hair done by stylist Tara Correnti:

Playing with paint for photos:

Taili at work:

Lighting adjustments:

More lighting adjustments:

Mr. Lil Blue Boo watches on:

Diesel and I posing for a photo in the backyard:

I LOVE that Diesel was in some shots :)

Boo in full boredom:

So fun! I am so grateful to the Desert Magazine for featuring Boo and I! I'm still in a little shock over the whole thing.....but SO excited to have that cool photo of Boo and I to frame for the house!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Yeah! I made the Sports page of the Decatur Herald Review today!

Round 2 at the Tate & Lyle Players Championship is complete, and I made the cut on the number! I played better today with 69, but still feel like I left a lot of putts out on the course! I've got a lot of ground to make up in the next two rounds, but I'm hitting the ball great and know there are a bunch of birdies out there for the taking!

Here is my Superstar photo in the newspaper this morning! Unfortunately, I was in the lip of this bunker and ended up making bogey! This hole owes me two birdies now! Notice the rocks and mud turds flying out with the sand...oh wait...there was no sand, just turds!

Teeing off bright and early tomorrow! 8:20am Notice: My caddie will be there at 7:55am (no later, haha)

Time off the course!

After a long, hot day on the course today (95 degrees), our awesome host family took us to dinner at Robbie's!

Rachel dared to taste some of Larry's escargo, only if Larry agreed to taste a spoonful of Australian Vegemite when we got back to the house! Rachel's reaction after tasting snails for the first time is priceless! She is a lot braver than I am!

Now headed back to the house for some leftover bday cake! My favorite!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A special surprise from my pro-am group from Lamar Billboards!

With over 3 inches of rain within a 45 minute time period late last night, added with all the rain from earlier this week, the course here in Decatur is now completely under water! We tried as hard as we could to get the pro-am in today, but with only 9 holes being playable, we somehow fit 24 pro-am groups on a crazy mix of 9 holes! To help spread the groups out, they added a set of skill challenges including a Big Break Wall to hit flop shots over! My group did awesome on the Big Break flop shot; however, I didn't help out to much there, oops!

I had a wonderful surprise today from my pro-am group! I have played with this group from Lamar Billboards every year at our event in Kansas City. However, we got rained out of that pro-am last month too! The rain and storms seem to be the popular trend this season! I have had to wear my rainsuit so much this summer, I don't even have a sock tan-line yet!! So, my Kansas City buddies surprised me and drove up here to play with me in Decatur! We had so much fun and even shot 6 under on the 9 holes we played! As far as the tournament starting on time tomorrow, they have alread pushed the tee time back an hour and a half! The Futures Tour staff is going to see how far the water has receded first thing tomorrow morning and then make a decision about whether the course is even semi-playable??

Check out these pictures I took on the course today! Just take note, that this course normally has NO WATER at all!

#6 Tee Box under water!

Hole #5 to the right and Hole #6 fairway running adjacent, but completely under water! They have been talking about just trying to make the Par 5 a 170 yard Par 3.

Hole #2 with a new river running through it! This originally was a Par 5, but the newly formed lake is right in the landing zone for the second shot.